Hedge Trimming


Gutter Cleaning


Lawn Care

At Douglas Lawn Care we take pride in servicing your lawn. With our  commercial equipment your lawn will look the best it possibly can. 



With our newer equipment you can rest assure that we will make it out to service your driveway even on the coldest of days. We also have back up plows to guarantee that you will not be stuck in your driveway.


Lake Clean up

Lake Clean up's improve your swimming and boating areas. They also make your lake look amazing. We try to get everything at the root base so it does not come back. We can dump in the woods or for an extra cost we can remove everything from the property.


Leaf Clean UP

We offer a couple different options when it comes to leaf clean up's. We can mulch up your leaves into the ground using our mulching blades. We also use an ultra vac system on our commercial mowers so we can also dump your leaves into the wood's. For an additional cost we will remove your leaves from your property and take them to our dump site..

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